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Thank you for joining and becoming part of the Powerumba Team. We hope you're doing well, enjoying the Powerumba Method and Sweat Workout videos and are staying safe and healthy.

We have been working very hard to help our community and we are very blessed with people like you, who are striving to stay active, healthy and collaborate with others, together towards a better future for all.

For us, it is very important to hear from you in order to keep improving and providing the best service and quality you deserve, keeping you happy, active, and healthy. Please feel free to share any comments, ideas or feedback it is always appreciated and welcome. There is always room for improvement to keep moving forward together.

In these hard times we're all facing, it is very important to maintain this community and work together to stay safe, active, healthy and united. This platform is free to use and enjoy, however there are several expenses we need to cover in order to keep up with it. We really appreciate your effort of spreading the word to share this platform filled with content we all love. We also really appreciate your support in any way, however small or big, it is of great help.


Below, you can find several ways you can volunteer to contribute and help keep Powerumba Online growing.

For your convenience, you can contribute through the PayPal Donate button, one of the preset buttons below or through Venmo, username: @Powerumba.

Thank you







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